Swedish Garden Design

The course Swedish Garden Design is aimed at those who want to be able to take assignments that focus on the design of domestic gardens and other garden environments using suitable plants and materials and different garden styles, themes or trends as a basis. The course provides knowledge and inspiration about Swedish garden design in particular, allowing for the students to design according to the subtle, minimalistic and nature inspired ‘nordic light’ aesthetic.

Swedish Garden Design is an open learning course that covers the most common garden styles in Sweden, garden themes, current Swedish garden trends and how to build a concept from your garden idea. You will also learn how to compose thriving plantings on the basis of colour, shape and texture, how to create garden milieus that offer a range of experiences depending on the season and time of day, and how to use lighting in combination with plants and other materials. We reason around the choice of materials and what to look for when choosing suppliers. The module on presentation techniques covers how to argue for and sell your idea to a customer using illustrations, collages and other aids. On the course you can also see how landscape architect Caroline Hjalmarsson works on a garden around a detached house, from the first contact with the garden’s owner, through the entire working process from the idea to finished proposal.

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